Westworld Scoring Competition and Dorico

Spitfire Audio, the sample library company, partnered with HBO and the creators of Westworld to organize a worldwide scoring competition. The prize was a hard drive with all their products, which has a value of more than $12,000 USD.

According to the organizers, more than 11,000 entries were submitted to the competition. Mine was one of those. Although I didn’t win, I had a blast writing for an exciting scene full of action with changes in mood and intensity. Here’s my submission:

Besides the competition, it was also a great opportunity for me to dive into the notation software by Steinberg, Dorico. I have been a Sibelius and Finale user for many years and I use them both on a daily basis, but I wanted to work with Dorico and discover its capabilities to score a film. I made a YouTube video explaining the main features that Dorico has to offer as well as some obstacles that I found while I was working on my submission. If you are interested in seeing Dorico in action, watch my video here:

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