Original Soundtrack Album for “Rio Seco” is out!

The film Rio Seco, directed by Pedro Hernández, which I was delighted to compose an original score for, was released in select theaters in Colombia in July of 2019. We wanted to release the soundtrack along with the film but it was not possible at the time. Now here we are a year and half later, and I’m excited to share that it’s finally out and available for streaming and download on all major digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.)

This is a very intimate score with minimal, but very impactful, appearances in the film. The runtime of the score is about 16 minutes. We intentionally stayed away from having wall-to-wall music since there is a lot of diegetic music played on an old stereo that the two main characters listen to frequently throughout the film.

The score features a small ensemble and it was recorded at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, California. It was an honor to be able to record at this studio where some well known artists have recorded, including: No Doubt, Nelly Furtado, Weird Al Yankovic, Muse, Sean Paul, The Beach Boys and Incubus.

I would like to acknowledge everyone who worked with me on bringing the score to life and thank them for their contributions.

  • Guitar: Ian Charlie
  • Harp: Alyssa Katahara
  • Accordion: Cara Batema
  • Clarinet: Edgar López
  • Violin: Aya Kiyonaga
  • Viola: Jennifer Fagre
  • Cello: Bingxia Lu
  • Melodica: Andrés Montero
  • Music Prep: Dalton Daniel, Candy Emberley, Jina Choi
  • Recording: Sejo Navajas at 4th Street Recording, Santa Monica, California. 
  • Mixing: Orlando Perez Rosso at Loud Mono, Los Angeles, California. 
  • Mastering: Carlos Silva at C1 Mastering, Bogotá, Colombia. 

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