Canto Para Que Cambie / Singing For A Change

FOSBO (Foundation Symphony Orchestra of Bogotá) is a musical organization of which I am a co-founder. We started the organization in 2008 under the leadership of maestro Zbigniew Zajac and since then, I’ve been arranging and composing music for a variety of ensembles and projects with FOSBO.

This year, on November 28th, 2020 FOSBO premiered a series of videos with four Colombian singers of different genres: Katie James (Traditional Colombian Music), Laura Kalop (Pop), Camilo Colmenares (Rock Pop) and Diana Avella (Hip Hop), performing their songs accompanied by a reduced orchestra and choir. The goal was to spread positivity to the country during the global health crisis impacting all of us, a message of hope that things will change for the better.

For this project, FOSBO also released a brand new song called Canto Para Que Cambie, written by Maria Adelaida Robledo, which I had the pleasure to arrange and orchestrate. Maria José Villamil conducted the FOSBO’s orchestra and choir. Watch the video of the song here:

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